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Hawkeye Campership Fund (HCF) is a non-profit organization (Fed ID #26-2085269) dedicated to providing financial assistance for campers attending Camp Hawkeye whose families would otherwise not be able to afford residential summer camp.

Camp Is For Everybody!

Welcome to the Hawkeye Campership Fund website and thank you for visiting us online. Our stakeholders are donors, teachers, parents, campers, youth development professionals, lawyers, staff, social workers, and many others with a variety of titles. What they all have in common is their understanding of the importance of growth and learning experiences for young people outside of the classroom.

We would love to hear from you, add you to our list of camp loving and youth development supporters, and see you at one of our upcoming events. Please donate and help at least 40 deserving kids, who would not otherwise be able to afford the experience, attend overnight camp. Allow them to live, learn, and play in a safe and healthy environment and program that promotes self-esteem and leadership development.

Experiences like overnight summer camp are the growth opportunities that can mean the difference between opportunity and frustration for so many. Be a part of the solution and engage these deserving boys and girls today.


Donors are the backbone of the Hawkeye Campership Fund. Without donors the HCF cannot provide the yearly level of financial support to deserving youth that it has for the past 2 years. Donors represent a wide range of supporters including parents, family members, neighbors of campers, colleagues of parents, participants at fundraising events, folks who love to camp, local businesses, and corporate sponsors. In 2009, 93 supporters made it possible for 17 children from all over the US to attend a total of 42 weeks of camp.

Donors can give on behalf of a specific camper or donate to the general fund and in any amount. Some donors contribute for a specific need such as a week of food ($ 65), one day of camp ($ 100), ½ week of camp ($ 375), or one session of camp ($1500). For donors with employers that have a matching corporate donation policy, HCF qualifies as a tax exempt organization. Donors can also arrange to donate once a month or on a quarterly schedule.

Donor Levels:

$1 – 99 Scout
$100 – 249 Explorer
$250 – 499 Adventurer
$500 – 999 Guide
$1000 – 2499 Mountaineer
$2500 – 4999 Trailblazer
$5000 – above Pioneer

Donate Now

Annually, HCF holds a Donor Recognition Day at Camp Hawkeye the first Saturday of August to thank the wonderful people who make the fund a reality. Donors get to meet campers, tour Camp Hawkeye, swim in beautiful Lake Kanasatke, or go hiking on Red Hill. After attending the 2009 luncheon, donors said:

“I gave to the Hawkeye Campership Fund because I believed in its mission but after seeing the camp and meeting the campers I want my grandchildren to go here next year and be a part of this amazing community!” Terry – Arden, Delaware

“Camp is such an important time in a kid’s life. I think all kids should have the chance to attend residential camp and meet new kids from other walks of life. I met some of my best friends at summer overnight camp. I wanted to make a donation so that other kids could have a similar experience as I did.” Erin – Somerville, MA

Additional simple ways donors can give throughout the year are:

Download GoodSearch onto your computer as your search engine.
Get a group of friends together and sponsor one camper for a 2 week session.
Ask your employer if your company makes matching donations.
Participate in a fundraiser.
Sponsor an event.


"Camp is my family. They've taken me in since the age of 12 & have given me guidance. Camp has allowed me to be myself & not hold back anything with the fear of being judged. This community, in a way, saved me & introduced me to many cultures. It has sparked friendships with people from all over the world. The friendships & memories I've gained throughout the years will never be forgotten. I will always love this community & am more than happy to pay it forward to help give the opportunity to a child, who like me, could not afford to experience a family such as Hawkeye."
John Santiago, HCF Recipient – NYC

“I firmly believe the outdoor experience is a necessary part of growing up that too many kids miss out on because of financial reasons. There’s a world out there aside from video games that some kids have never seen, and donating to the campership fund gives them that opportunity.”
Dave, Donor – Tucson, AZ

"I can’t just [name] one thing I liked because I liked everything. This camp means a lot to me, it's like a second family... Thank you so much for donating money so me and some friends I made here could come."
Jared, Camper – Wayland, MA