Our Campers

In 2009 the Hawkeye Campership Fund helped to bring 17 campers to Camp Hawkeye through the distribution of scholarship funds. This is in addition to the 27 other campers from underserved communities who attended Hawkeye through other partnerships and scholarship opportunities. The total campership amount provided by Camp Hawkeye in 2009 was more than $44,000.00. To put this amount in perspective the entire enrollment of Camp Hawkeye numbered 88 for 2009.

Campers attending Hawkeye through HCF camperships come to camp between two to eight weeks. Most first year campers come for a short two-week session which allows HCF to provide assistance to the largest number of kids. In subsequent years HCF encourages campers to come for a longer four-week session to get a fuller experience.

Campers that benefit from the support of the Hawkeye Campership Fund and its generous donors hail from a variety of states and urban, suburban, and rural communities including the following areas:

  • Downtown Boston
  • Suburban Connecticut
  • Urban Delaware
  • Suburban Massachusetts
  • Central New Hampshire
  • New York City
  • Suburban New York
  • Urban North Carolina

Campers come to HCF in a variety of ways, most often through direct requests of financial aid made to Camp Hawkeye. The process is simple and promotes a sense of shared purpose and collaboration to make the irreplaceable experience of summer camp a reality for each prospective family. This process includes a contribution, even if it is a nominal one, from each family in order to reinforce the true value of the camp experience.

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