Get Involved

What Can You Do? … Donate Now

Get involved today with the Hawkeye Campership Fund. A little effort goes a long way with HCF and the deserving kids who benefit from the money raised by HCF and its donors. There are a handful of ways that you can make a difference today and number one is by Donating Now.

Now that you’ve done that here are some other ways you can get involved:

Join the Board of Directors

The HCF Board of Directors is always looking for new, passionate, capable individuals to join the small leadership group that guides the Hawkeye Campership Fund. Check out our Board of Directors page.

Download & Use Goodsearch Instead of your Current Search Engine

Perhaps the simplest thing you could do right now is to replace your current default search engine with GoodSearch. When you do this, each time you do an internet search you will be earning $.01 for HCF. This money is paid directly by GoodSearch and comes from banner and pay-per-click advertising on the site. It may not sound like much but if you’ve got 100 people making even two searches a day you are quickly earning more than $750 per year for HCF. Follow the hyperlink for easy to follow set up instructions

Attend or Volunteer at our Next Fundraiser

Come and meet Board Members, Parents, Campers, and Hawkeye Staff at our next fundraiser. We would love to see you and would welcome your participation. We could also use your help greeting people, organizing things, or wrapping it all up afterwards if you would like to volunteer. Check out our New Events page.

Donate an Item or Service to an HCF Fundraiser

Some of our fundraisers include silent or live auctions. If you would be willing to donate an item, the use of a vacation property, or a service, you can help to drive our fundraising efforts forward.

Nominate a Deserving Camper for HCF Sponsorship

HCF is always looking to reach out to new deserving children. Let us know if there is someone in your community, perhaps it is someone that you coach, teach, or a neighbor, who deserves this opportunity but whose family cannot afford residential camp. Send us an email along with your contact info so that we can follow up with you.

The Board

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is to raise funds to bring deserving children from underserved communities to Camp Hawkeye; where they will be able to grow and develop in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Summer camp has had a tremendous influence on the lives of the board members and their families over the years. Each individual strongly believes in the positive outcomes that follow attendance at a well run camp program. They are committed, 365 days a year, to try and provide similar opportunities as they had to underserved youth.

Deborah Colgan, President – Newton, MA
Seth Waltz, Vice-President – Brighton, MA
Dave Lenhardt, Treasurer – Wakefield, MA
DeAnn Kelsey, Secretary – Roxbury, MA
Greg Jutkiewicz, Director – Marlborough, MA
Danielle DeSiato, Director – Brookline, MA
Susan Maguire, Director – Newton, MA
Ekta Gupta, Director (Non-Voting) – Buckinghamshire, England
Liam Grisley, Director (Non-Voting) – Northampton, England
Jessica Colgan-Snyder, Director (Non-Voting) – Waltham, MA
Garrett Colgan-Snyder, Director (Non-Voting) – Waltham, MA

“I am incredibly happy with the success of the Hawkeye Campership Fund this year! It is great to see so many people pull together for such an important cause.

Thank you to each and every donor that gave this year (more than 80) and to the board for all their hard work in 2009. This past year we ran four fundraising events, took in over $15,000, had most of our expenses underwritten and kept the rest to under 2% of donations, and helped Camp Hawkeye bring 40 deserving campers to camp.

The strength of the Board was demonstrated in 2009 by battling the down economy, raising more camperships than last year, and fulfilling our promise to many deserving kids. I look forward to 2010 and am confident in our board and supporters to continue to help maintain our commitment to current and future deserving families.”

Becky Klasfeld, Past Board President


"Camp is my family. They've taken me in since the age of 12 & have given me guidance. Camp has allowed me to be myself & not hold back anything with the fear of being judged. This community, in a way, saved me & introduced me to many cultures. It has sparked friendships with people from all over the world. The friendships & memories I've gained throughout the years will never be forgotten. I will always love this community & am more than happy to pay it forward to help give the opportunity to a child, who like me, could not afford to experience a family such as Hawkeye."
John Santiago, HCF Recipient – NYC


"I firmly believe the outdoor experience is a necessary part of growing up that too many kids miss out on because of financial reasons. There’s a world out there aside from video games that some kids have never seen, and donating to the campership fund gives them that opportunity."
Dave, Donor – Tucson, AZ


"I can’t just [name] one thing I liked because I liked everything. This camp means a lot to me, it's like a second family... Thank you so much for donating money so me and some friends I made here could come."
Jared, Camper – Wayland, MA