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"Camp is my family. They've taken me in since the age of 12 & have given me guidance. Camp has allowed me to be myself & not hold back anything with the fear of being judged. This community, in a way, saved me & introduced me to many cultures. It has sparked friendships with people from all over the world. The friendships & memories I've gained throughout the years will never be forgotten. I will always love this community & am more than happy to pay it forward to help give the opportunity to a child, who like me, could not afford to experience a family such as Hawkeye."
John Santiago, HCF Recipient – NYC


"I firmly believe the outdoor experience is a necessary part of growing up that too many kids miss out on because of financial reasons. There’s a world out there aside from video games that some kids have never seen, and donating to the campership fund gives them that opportunity."
Dave, Donor – Tucson, AZ


"I can’t just [name] one thing I liked because I liked everything. This camp means a lot to me, it's like a second family... Thank you so much for donating money so me and some friends I made here could come."
Jared, Camper – Wayland, MA